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1Valery P. Kalinichenko[Россия], Viktor F. Starcev[Россия]Recycling of Poultry Litter by Method of Biogeosystem Technique2015, July1318
2Natal'ya A. Sobgayda[Россия], Anzhelika B. Solodkova[Россия]Recycling Spent Activated Sludge2015, July1229
3Alla A. Okolelova[Россия], Nadezhda G. Kasterina[Россия], A.S. Merzlyakova[Россия]Determination of Oil Products in Soil by Fractions2015, July1217
4Valery P. Kalinitchenko[Россия]Technologies and Technical Means for Matter Recycling into the Soil (Review)2016, March1200
5Valery I. Glazko[Россия], Tatiana T. Galzko[Россия]Conflicts of Biosphere and Agroecosystems2015, July1126
6Adeubai S. Seitkaziev[Казахстан], Asker U. Taichibekov[Казахстан], Leila B. Kashkynbaeva[Казахстан], Gaukhar A. Sholpankulova[Казахстан], Zhansaya S. Dyusenbaeva[Казахстан], Ainash A. Muratalieva[Казахстан]Environmental Assessment and Improvement of Saline Lands in Irrigated Agriculture2015, July1064
7Le Hung Trinh[Вьетнам]Temporal Dynamics of Land Surface Temperature in Dry Season 2014 – 2015 in Lam Ha district, Lam Dong province in Central Highlands, Vietnam From LANDSAT 8 TIRS Time Series Images2015, December990
8Vyacheslav S. Anisimov[Россия], Natalia I. Sanzharova[Россия], Rudolph M. Alexakhin[Россия]137Cs behavior in the system soil – plant in the stationary sampling sites located within the 30-kilometer zone of the Chernobyl NPP in the period 1987-1992: II. Vertical migration in soils and accumulation of 137Cs in natural meadow grasses2016, March958
9Valery I. Glazko[Россия]Dmitry Nicolaevitch Pryanishnikov, Russian scientist – traditions, problems...2015, December939
10Le Hung Trinh[Вьетнам]Application of Remote Sensing for Monitoring of Subsurface Coal Fire: a Case Study in Khanh Hoa Coal Mine, Thai Nguyen Province, Vietnam2016, March920

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